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Julian Keller
07 May 2011 @ 09:55 pm
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Julian Keller
20 June 2009 @ 12:14 am
Snow? Really? I got enough of this back in NY and I've gotta say, I was liking the nice temperate weather. So much for summer, huh?

Anyone else notice that it's June? Anyone?

So this is what we've got:

- It smells like ass outside. Even if you don't know what ass smells like, you're gonna admit that this is what it smells like.
- And there's little snowflakes coming down from the sky.

Just as a note: I'll be up for any stupid snowball fights if this stuff sticks. Yeah, that's right: I'll be my own team and see just how well you can take me.

But I figure this won't last.
Julian Keller
08 June 2009 @ 12:27 am

Warden elections are starting, so this is what I need you to do. First off: memorize my name. I'm Julian Keller, otherwise known as Hellion to some people. That name might not sound that promising, but that's because you don't know where I got it.

Once, there was a woman named Emma Frost. She led some kids and some bad things happened. The kids died. It changed her, you could say. Now, before you get your heads in the wrong place, I wasn't one of them. But because I showed promise, I earned my title. That might be something you don't care about, but as far as I'm concerned? It's what matters. So let's get to the important stuff.

Step one: you elect me. I might be new around these parts, but it's pretty clear what's wrong. We're stuck here, there's no order, no rule, and no regulations in how we deal with things. It's all about checking the network and hoping someone gets to someone on time. That just isn't gonna cut it. I don't care if we can wake up the next day. Being dead is dead, and apparently, it doesn't sound that pleasant. That isn't how I work.

I don't want anyone to die unnecessary deaths, got it?

I'd like to work with the police force, not only on cases, but in dealing with the aftermath of curses, of trying to calm things down. Instead of sitting around and wondering what we can do, we'll do it. No one needs to apologize, no one needs to worry if they're gonna hurt someone. They can trust the force to come up with something. Way I see it, this way, we can keep things really safe. There can be a system of calling in and dealing with it, and I'll say it this way: I can deal with it.

Of course, there are always the promises of figuring out a way out of this place and whatever. I can't promise that because I don't know how. But you know what I'd like? Taking the control and putting it back into our hands. Figuring out how to do that, making it so that we decide what we wanna do.

This probably won't be the fanciest thing you read today, but whatever. I'm trying to keep people I care about safe. I'm a hero, so that means I want that for other people, too.
Julian Keller
29 May 2009 @ 06:37 pm
It was a damn curse, and while I'll apologize for all that in a second, you should have gotten the damn clue from what was going on. I wouldn't say that shit naturally. But I guess you all have a little too easy of a time believing that, so whatever. It's a good thing someone got the clue and threw me into the jailcell before I decided to act on shit. Maybe we've gotta be faster acting about working out whether there's a curse next time. It might just be a good idea. What if it was Mr. Logan who did it? They wouldn't have been able to stop him so easily.

Right, to the apologies, because I'm a bigger than that.

Sorry for treating most of you like shit. Mostly to Billy, Kate, and Laura. I'm thinking you guys got the worst of it. Anyone else wanna step up and claim they were treated badly?

Heh, all this and here I thought the next time I'd be arrested, it'd be on my terms. Good play, assholes in charge. And I don't mean the cops here, before you get all up in arms.

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Julian Keller
28 May 2009 @ 03:28 pm
Heh, I must not have made this clear since I've been here, but now I feel like I have the chance. You up for listening? I sure as hell hope so.


The next stage of evolution, guys, and this is what you've got. You don't have that going for you? Then tough, suck it up, because this is what matters. We don't need to be dealing with any losers who don't agree with this, so if you're one of those idiots, don't bother. I don't wanna hear about it. I'm tired of the idea that we've just gotta sit down and take it. This City is lucky to have the few of us, and everyone, including those damn Deities, should bow down to it!

Not understanding the message? Or maybe you're an idiot who doesn't know what the mutants are. Let's get that over with.

- Mutants are homo superior, the next branch of human evolution.

- They have the X-gene, giving them a mutation and a special ability.

- We got screwed by some kid's mom. That's Billy. Kinda ironic if you think that his grandfather is Magneto, the biggest badass of all mutants and the only one who got it right. Xavier just ended up making it worse for the rest of us.

- Now there aren't many back home, but we're still better. We'll always be better.

Do you think you agree? Are you willing to see who's better here?

I sure as hell hope so. Because we're here to stay, and I'm gonna make sure that you understand how this really works.

[ooc: I'm taking a MUCH NEEDED nap. I'll be back in an hour.]
Julian Keller
16 May 2009 @ 11:04 pm
Anyone here stuck with a bunch of people from your world, but different timelines? I've gotta tell you: it really isn't cool to know what happens after all the shit hits the fan. It sucks to be the messenger of bad news, especially when everyone just can't wait to know. Hell, they're even dying to know. So, I'm just gonna ruin it for everyone and leave it this way: you need to know what happens? Hope this damn place gives you an update, because I'm not talking. I think we're in agreement that's all for the best.

And while we're at it, what else is damn annoying about this place?

1. Everything doesn't just cut it, but I'll start there.
2. No friends.
3. It's all pretty boring.
4. Did I mention really damn boring?

At least there's some excitement, but if I got it right, scary mothers and their fluffy children don't go popping up every day. So what, we just sit around and wait until we're biting our nails from stress or too tired to get off our asses? That's what they call curses? I got skipped, but I saw a few girls who looked like they were more stressed than Mr. Summers. Bad sight.

That's not what I'm here for. I got a few questions. I figure you all can help me out.

1. I need a job. I don't have any work experience, but I'm good at most things I set my mind to. After a while, I figure I'll have a better hold on my abilities. Which is telekinesis, if you're up for having someone like that around.

2. I need to get to know some people. I know I don't sound all that great on here, but I'm not all that bad. I need something to distract me from how terribly pointless this whole dimension is turning out to be. I'd be up for almost anything. Even if it's just sparring or kicking back, whatever.
Julian Keller
08 May 2009 @ 02:37 pm
Last time the interdimensional hop happened, I wasn't allowed to go along for the ride. Who would've thought I'd be doing it myself, all on my own? Lucky me, one of the few, the proud, the stuck in the middle of nowhere with no clue about how to get back. But the good thing about the people I know, they're good at establishing themselves elsewhere. If there's an alternate version here, everyone here's gotta know them. It's just how we work, right?

So to anyone who's reading this. If you aren't coughing up hairballs, why don't you tell me the status of the X-Men here? If you're in touch with 'em, tell them that it's Julian Keller calling. Things might have gone to shit back home, but it doesn't mean they did here, too.

To anyone else: you heard that right. I'm part of them. I haven't seen any negative propaganda just yet, but we'll see what happens. Could be heaven or could be hell. By now, I'd be up for anything.